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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  March 5, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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bought it for only $17,000. that gave us a profit of $8,000. but things really turned rough as we headed into the dallas auction. the ferrari sold for only 23,750, which we purchase for 21,500. after shipping costs, repairs, and auction fees, we made a profit of only $1,009. but the t2 harley exceeded expectations. it sold for $19,000. after repair costs and auction fees, we made a profit of over seven grand. in total the flat 12 team pocketed $16,466. not bad for seven days of work. [funky music] ♪ i was sweating bullets when the ferrari came up because i thought that was gonna be the big winner. >> i was nervous. >> but the bike paid off, so they just flip-flopped. >> yeah. >> but, hey, the week's over. we start a new one next week.
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so it's all back at zero. >> back at zero. okay, on that note, let's get out of here. >> let's go. yo. >> we are calling it a night. >> thank god, i'm starving. >> [laughs] >> you coming? >> i'm gonna finish up. i got some stuff i want to do on my scooter. >> all right, man. see you tomorrow. good job this week. >> not a bad week. i'm kind of good with it. >> monday we start over again.
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> i'm jim cramer. welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game. >> firms are going to go out of business and he's nuts! they're nuts! they know nothing. >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. >> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm trying to make you money. i need to educate you and teach you. so call 1-800-743-cnbc. sometimes when we get these big levels, there's nothing worse than sometimes when we get to these big levels, a steep low, an all time high like the dow jones did today. i actually come out here and i'm searching for the right tone. the right things to say, i know these milestones bring in new viewers. longtime viewers wonder if this
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is the chance to get in or get out. when i have to search, come up with the tone, feel right about it, you know what i do, i fall back on what the late mark haines would do. why mark? he was a show me kind of guy who demanded rigor. he would question whether we are all too enthusiastic. he was the guy who called a bottom in the thick of the total madness and bedlam that was this market four years ago. >> i'm going to step out on a limb here. i think we are at a bottom. i think we are going to have a rally. >> there we go. a man unafraid to make a call. let me tell you this. >> at least, i think today this is for real. >> that was him at his best. he recognized that things had
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gotten out of hand and that he, who hadn't been supportive at all, in his gut thought it was the right time to get long. to buy. mark used to joke with me that we would get a woosh at the bottom and a crescendo moment where everyone that wanted to get out had gotten out. he opted to buy down the ratio. that is what made him so darn bullish. just as certain as he was that sentiment had gotten way too negative that now at what we call the haines bottom. he was a skeptic of all-time high milestones. we had a bunch of them during his reign. i know what he would say is no easy task, but i think i have an idea. i think he would be trying to figure out whether this new high was the real deal of whether this was a flash in the pan.
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that is what he taught me. i think that his bottom call was steeped in the psychological. he knew everyone had given up. we had two monumental tops in his time. we had the nasdaq 13 years ago and the top that we took out today. i think it is historic, okay. to apply the same principles that he taught me during his unfortunate runs through the thorns. it is how we want to frame this move. we want to be constructive and we can't be wild eyed. mark was just brutal. i mean, he would look at the earnings if there were any, look at the revenues or the histories, and with his pixieish smile he would totally dismiss the merchandise. and i remember sitting alongside
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of him during the dotcom bubble and he was in the thick of his no free passes operation. he would wonder aloud, where are your earnings and your revenues. what do you really do? he hated the stock at 100 times earnings, but he would be polite about it. he didn't share the method on the stocks that would be at 40, 50, 60, 100 times revenues. and when the valuation was absurd he would say tell the truth. it was always with a smile. mark also felt it was his duty to let everyone know there were too many people wagering, rolling the dice. he hated that too. on these two scales i would think mark would bless this market. let's use this stock. let's measure the google. first of all. one of those stocks that would
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draw out the wrath of haines. does it trade on revenues? hardly. take today's recommendation for the $838 stock that is google. google has real earnings, so it passes the haines test, but remember, mark didn't like companies trading at the price ratio either. at the top of 2000 we saw many tech stocks trading at 80 to 100 times earnings. i don't know how skeptical he could be. google gets about a 15 multiple. it gets to about a 15 pe. holy cow. that is less than the stocks of almost any company that makes bleach. shampoo, detergent, toilet paper. and google is emblematic of the most go go stock in the book. i got to tell you. that nasdaq 5,000 title remains blissfully elusive.
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how about the last time? that is a tougher call. at the time it didn't look like we were about to enter a world of hurt. we didn't seem to be in that mode perhaps because we were still chasing that 2000 abomination. i will tell you what mark didn't like, he didn't like the leadership, another pet peeve. it was concentrated in all of these stocks that do well because china was doing well. stocks hitting the highs. one of the groups that hasn't come near hitting the highs. he was old fashioned enough to care about the real commerce index, which is the transports, and they weren't leading the dow back then. something the theorists want to see. now this is a transport led market.
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i can't recall another moment where they were all roaring right along with the rails and the airlines and the transports. i don't know if i have ever seen that in my lifetime. i think he would have had a hard time being all that skeptical. i believe he would be impressed with the wall of worry that we had scaled. and let's not forget an election with results that many a bull did regret. if i were alongside him, he would say all right, what's working reverend jim bob, pretty much everything, boss. i know it would make him wins. there's always a bull market somewhere, and mark we're looking at it. i'm staying skeptical like you taught me. i'm trying to recommend stocks and i'm looking for plays that shouldn't be hated.
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unlike other all-time highs, this is a tough one to poke holes at. i think mark in his own way would make peace with it, and with my view, and as long as i didn't get too over the top that he taught me to use when we reach historic highs as we did today. richie in tennessee. >> jim, big boo-yah to you from nashville, tennessee. novo nordisk. nvo, i have bought the stock and it got hit hard by the fda's decision and i heard on the conference call they are offering very strong guidance in the china region where they are growing very fast. i figure the worst is over, and the strong potential of china, now might be a good time to pick up some more novo nordisk.
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>> i'm going to agree with you. this is the diabetes play. no one has anything against it. i wish they would come on the show. they are not from here, they are from denmark. i want you to stay with it. let's go with michael in new york. >> saint joe, what your thoughts were on the company and with the whole real estate. >> i imagine florida real estate can come back. i looked at a parcel down there. and it was what david einhorn said. that part of florida ain't coming back soon. as the dow closes at record highs, i refer to my friend and mentor mark haines. i think he'd make peace with this market if we keep looking for the right kind of opportunities. "mad money" is coming right back. >> facebook's timeline has been
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rocky since its ipo, but the stock is up 50% since hitting its lows. is it time to get friendly with these social shares or is it just a fair weather friend? cramer is finding the answer in tonight's "off the charts." and later, flight plan. you ask what is your opinion in the u.s./american airlines merger. and cramer takes off to action. does u.s. airways have more room to fly? get ready to put your portfolio in the full upright position. show stopper? you know ascena retail from brands like dress barn and lane bryant. cramer is trying its stock on for size when he talks to its ceo coming up on monday money. don't miss a second of "mad money."
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>> what could be more forgiving than this fabulous bull market? i want to talk about the idea of second chances. i mean a second chance for the stock that was perhaps the biggest disappointment of 2012. facebook. but might have a bright future in 2013 and 2014. tonight we are going off the charts to try to answer that question with the help of scott redler, an excellent technician,
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as well as being my colleague at when it comes to reading the charts, i have to tell you, a bit more than a year ago, the s&p was trading at 1350. it was over a good call and the charts indicated we were about to witness a major long-term rally. real smart. the sky was the limit for the s&p. fast forward to right now and it was at 1539. getting a 14% gain from february of last year. sweet, how many else did that? i can count on one hand. and now he is saying it is hidden. he is saying, it is the right time to go positive on facebook. even as it was down today in a fabulously up market. counterintuitive? his reasoning. first, look at the weekly chart.
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not on facebook, but of linkedin. it has been the best of breed name in the space. redler has been pounding the table. it has been a year now he has liked it. the stock has demonstrated a beautiful pattern. we are in there and buying it now. every time it comes in they buy. people thought it was like a head and shoulders. he didn't. earlier this year, linkedin broke its ceiling of resistance. since then the stock has been a horse. it has been unstoppable. it is now trading at $176. linkedin shows that despite the linkedin shows that despite the colossal failures can make you massive gains once they have proven themselves to the market. can facebook gallop?
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red;er thinks the answer can be yes. take a look at the weekly chart. you go back quarterly or yearly. first of all, facebook has a cup and handle pattern right? and handle pattern right? we've talked about the pattern before. you are familiar with it. it is one of the most reliably bullish formations. first you get the cup shaped bottom and it starts pulling back while trading in a tight range. that gives you the handle. once the stock breaks out, it is typically followed by a monster rally. these patterns don't trigger 100% of the time. if the company holds true, he thinks the resulting rally can
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carry facebook back to where it initially started. the size of the rally after a cup and handle pattern is generally equal to the depth of the cup. it can have a 14 upside move from here. the pattern took a long time to build. the rally should take months and months to play out. you've got some time. redler likes what he sees here. facebook perked up above the $27 level. he thinks there should be more of these technical entry points coming. if it holds above that level, redler would recommend adding to the position. if it can rally to almost five points away from where we are right now, wow, big move ahead. there is nothing standing between facebook and the $38 level where it came public.
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all that said, with technicians they give you two sides of the same story. if facebook breaks below $26, closes below that, redler would abandon ship. he thinks the setup would be broken. he recommends a stop loss. as he sees it, this isn't bad. $2 is the downside of facebook and $14 is the upside. that is the upside i like. redler is not alone in thinking facebook could have a lot of potential if it could go higher. carolyn boroden hit me with the same thing here. she believes the stock could be very close to being an extremely bullish set up. i couldn't believe this one. both these guys like this. i think the stock acts like a dog. okay.
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as she sees it, the stock could break out above the ceiling of fibonacci resistance at $28.32. she thinks the next stop could be $34. i got to tell you, you look at it today and say wow, death warmed over. my view? i kind of like it. i'm a long-term bull on facebook and for my charitable trust, even as it struggled with the migration from desktop to mobile, and i think i have done some work with them and i think the company has a bright future. after all, only google has figured out a surefire way to profit from mobile. you should wait on facebook to go higher if you try. i think facebook gets cheaper as it goes lower and more expensive
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as it goes higher. hence why i like the stock right now. if it breaks their floor and goes down, i'm going to do some buying. yep. the charts as interpreted by redler indicate that facebook could be able to follow in the footsteps of linkedin and rally like crazy from these levels. carolyn boroden agrees. i'm not sure it can go that high, but i think the stock as it goes down makes sense. i, too, like the risk reward. after the break i will try to make you even more money. >> coming up, flight plan. you ask -- what is your opinion in the u.s. american airlines merger? >> and cramer takes off to action. the airline stocks are gliding higher, but does us airways have more room to fly? get ready to put your portfolio
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in the full upright position. and later, show stopper, you know ascena retail from the brands dress barn and lane bryant. today it was strutting its stuff on the wall street runway. cramer is trying its stock on for size when he talks to its ceo coming up on "mad money."
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tonight i'm going to recommend the stock of an airline. an industry i have hated since my early days as a broker at the goldman sachs. i used to say you should never own an airline, because the business is filled with ruinous competition that made it impossible for these companies to turn a profit. if you couldn't resist, i said all right enough, enough. alaska air. alaska was one place where there was no real competition. last night, john, a shrewd observer of the market asked us
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about u.s. airways. lcc, i know. symbol lcc, for all you home gamers. i had to respond. in the past i would have said sell sell sell. i mean that is how bad this industry was. but like dylan tells us, the times they are a changing. thanks to a wave of consolidation, i was going to say -- i was going to almost get on the desk but then i jumped off and hurt my back. so bullish on the entire airline sector in 26 years back to when i swore i would never commit this sin again. and the one to buy, the new american airlines, the one that we combine with u.s. airways and because the parent of american
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is in bankruptcy, buy the company that is merging with it. u.s. airways. with this deal, will become the best of the bunch. it is truly ready to roar. >> the house of pain. >> the house of pleasure. >> mail forwarded. we have witnessed a series of mergers, southwest acquisition of airtran and we learned that u.s. airways is merging with amr. the competition that made the industry uninvestable is now gone. i have invested in two colleges and have two kids there. anyway, the entire country is now like alaska. because there is no real competition anywhere to be found. don't you love that? terrible if you are like a traveler.
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pretty good if you are a stock holder. but in the old days this business was a nightmare. a war. life in the airline was nasty, and short. since the airlines were deregulated, not a single carrier survived without going through bankruptcy. but in constant downward pressure on ticket prices. but after the resent spate of consolidation, the industry is an oligopoly. once the us airways deal goes through we will be in a new world of hurt for travelers and heaven for shareholders. they handle over 80% of domestic travel. in short, running a major airline is a viable business proposition. the airlines spent a fortune on
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jet fuel. the economy is getting stronger. that means more travel and you put more teams to work and people do not skimp. the best way to play it is with usair. why does this one stand out? simple because of the much anticipated merger with amr. just yesterday, doug parker told a conference that he expects no issues to come up in the justice department review. the combined company will be the largest airline in the world. hence why i want you to buy the stock now. you can see the power of this deal when you look at the airports. the combined company will control 50% of the combined
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traffic of phoenix, dfw, charlotte, philadelphia and miami. meanwhile they have a 38% share at chicago's o'hare airport. they will be the number one player in the east coast and the number three on the west coast. wow. we are hearing that the deal should create more than $1 billion in cost savings and new revenue by 2015. now at the moment, shares are trading sideways and the stock will stay that way. but once they get approval from justice, the deal will be able to proceed. the management teams will be able to go out and talk about how great this deal is and the stock, it should soar and that is why i'm telling you to buy u.s. airways now. why am i so confident? even when i hated the industry before, the last airline mergers, wow, when we have seen it before, with u.s. airways, as deutsche bank points out.
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back in 2005 they merged with america west. small airline pursuing a larger airline that was operating under chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. america west popped 7%. for the next month during the justice department 30 day waiting period the stock did nothing. they waited to find out if they had any issues with the deal. now once the waiting period ended and it turned out that the justice department was fine with that transaction, america west surged 54%. i want you in something like that. the next day u.s. airways came out of bankruptcy and from then on it was off to the races still. as stocks soared over 200% over the next year. this time around i think u.s. airways could perform like america west did in 2005. i think the sky is the limit. sky airways. get it?
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when the facts change i have to change my mind. this industry used to be a giant -- >> the house of pain. >> now, thanks to the consolidation it is the house of pleasure. for the first time ever, right here, right now, i'm giving my blessing to buy delta, united continental, southwest and last but not at all least, u.s. airways lcc, which thanks to the pending amr merger is the best to own of all. if the market hits all time highs, i can't believe it. i recommended an airline. who would have thunk it? lincoln in texas. >> yee-haw boo-yah cramer. >> that is a novel boo-yah. i need a novel boo-yah.
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i'm down today. what's up? >> my question is with the portfolio of popular brands such as holiday inn and express and crown plaza, what is your take on the growth prospects of maintaining smaller real estate footprint? i have to tell you because it is so great at hot and starwood i say no to that one, go with mine. got with h.o.t. let's go to mike in my home state of new jersey. >> hey, jim, big boo-yah to you. >> where you from in jersey? >> edgewater. >> nice. good zip code. what's up? >> my question is regarding caesar's entertainment. everyone is talking about the online gaming in jersey. but no one is talking about governor christie fighting to legalize sports betting. do you think this recent pop in
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ceasar's is priced in or is it going to have as much of an effect on the stock? >> i'm glad you called. i want to tell people to take profits in it. let's ring the register. there is better fish to fry. attention passengers. yes indeed. i'm recommending the airlines. the landscape is changing. you know it is and so do i. i'm seeing a bull market in the airlines and the best one is u.s. airways. you wanted stocks that are well off the highs? the airlines have been grounded forever. don't move the lightning round is next.
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it is time for the lightning round. are you ready ski daddy? daniel in pennsylvania. >> boo-yah from old city in
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philly, jim. i'm calling about vmc. with activist investor rumors. >> it can happen. i'm a 140 north myself there. it could happen. but i don't know about the fundamentals. i can't recommend the stock on a takeover basis. let's go to brett in illinois. >> how you doing jim? big boo-yah from illinois. i bought it for $20, pretty good dividend, and i want to know if it is going to go to $30 or more. >> me don't know stock. esc. i'm going to have to take a pass and do homework. gary in new york. gary. >> hey, jim, i enjoy your show. interested in mtg. would like to know if the stock would be a good choice to load up on.
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and also, your, would that benefit me in day trading? >> it is not a fast money situation. it is more of a slow money situation. we do have a lot of good ideas. i got to tell you, i want you in that offering. i like rdn. once that deal is done, the stock is off to the races. you are also doing a lot of homework and i like that. harlin in washington. >> yes, jim. i love your show. listen, i'm holding onto hospitality properties trust. how do you feel about the future? >> i like it. i think this is another one. we have been down and dirty recommending a lot of these reits, like brandywine.
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that thing gets downgraded every day. i think that is pretty good. the analysts hate these stocks and i like your choice. i need to go to richard in pennsylvania. >> hey, jim. been enjoying your "mad money" show for a long time now. i notice i had an etf, gnr, and i bought it at $62 and it was trading at $52.80 and i looked at your vail and i picked it up in 1992. >> i want you to buy more. this is our china play. china can come back. everyone else has written it off. this is an iron ore company. this will be substantially higher. roy in california. >> we heard that warren buffet has purchased the hj heinz company stock.
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$72.50 a share. >> this is a high quality problem because i wish i made what you did and i'm jealous of you. i think you have to take the money and run. you have to pay the tax man and say to yourself this is what happens in america. if you invest in a really good stock, you can make a ton of money. that is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is >> the light♪ ng round is
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when a company announces disappointing numbers, i put a stock in the penalty box. asna, that is a house of brands as well as lane bryant and kathrine's, two major plus-sized brands. back in january 10th, asna
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lowered the full year earnings guidance on a weak holiday season and the need for lots of mark downs. as a result the stock totally off the table a three cent earnings beat. revenues came in slightly higher than expected, courtesy of the charming shoppes acquisition. the total ecommerce sales increased a whopping percent. on a big, dow day this is where the action was. is this quarter enough to spring this stock from the penalty box? the market seems to feel that way. let's take a close look ourselves. welcome back to "mad money." good to see you, sir. >> thank you for having me back.
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>> if i can just step back for a moment, the big acquisition was bigger than i thought, in that there were many moving parts and it seems like it took longer than your usual homogenized dress barn to justice to maurice's. is that the correct way to look at it? >> the brand was just justice. those are relatively easy integrations. with charming shops, there were three brands. so, what we said on day one was we were going to focus on lane bryant and catherine's, which we have done. we shut down fashion bug so that is off the table. the other part, charming shoppes is a holding company and had a shared services organization.
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so we get those overhead savings and synergies. on the conference call, it came from your cfo. it said we did a little better than we thought at the close of the second quarter. we were able to clear fall goods at higher rates. that means things must be pretty clean among your whole group of stores. >> there were bumps in the road there in february. we saw that walmart memo. at this point we feel very good not just about the currency of our merchandise, but also about the content, the quality of our merchandise. it looks great. consumer reaction very small, but so far, so good. >> you had a lot of turn over and it seems like now you got the team in place. >> limited stores. and linda heaseley is our new
11:50 pm
president at lane bryant. we are thrilled because we have a great leader and team at all of our divisions as well as shared services. dirk is our new ceo that is coming onboard. there is a lot of transition that is happening at your company. you have been the most bankable in retail. >> there was a lot going on. it was a tough holiday environment, so in the political uncertainty and now with the tax increase it is a little choppy out there. >> one of the things that the analysts pointed out, i need clarification. this is that bbt guy again where the macro headwinds do not appear to be abating. why are those categories difficult? >> the missy customer is mom. mom is happy to buy her daughter things at justice.
11:51 pm
her daughter needs it. mom is the one that is going to sacrifice for her children and family. >> just like in real life. >> it is real life. i think the advantage we have though is because of our position, we are moderate and value oriented. we saw we had people trading down from the higher specialty stores. >> people talking about brothers for the first time on the conference call. tell us whether or not that is something we should be looking at. >> we had 30 dual gender stores. we are going to open up 50 more this spring. >> 50. more than doubling the size. why because it has tested well? >> it has tested well and the thing we found when we put it in the store. put it in the corner and made it its own little shop. sports videos, dark wood. separate from the girl's area. you don't get that cootie contamination, right?
11:52 pm
and that is important and it didn't detract from the girl's business. so it is all incremental. >> did the same store sales to be fair. >> it is the same box. so we are setting a new category. >> when you were here last. you said a couple of areas weren't at strong as we liked but you said you think that you learned from your mistakes. do you feel that way now? >> we always make new mistakes. we are on the right trajectory. >> i think you are too. i was disappointed. you clearly made it. >> i appreciate that. >> i know it was a tough time. you never ducked us not once. people need to know that at home. president and ceo of asna and it is right and yet you are back where it was.
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"mad money" is back after the break.
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a lot of really smart people are worried about what happens when the federal reserve stops its bond buying program.
11:56 pm
they tend to opine about how the exit won't be big enough for everyone to make it out the door. when the fed stops buying bonds and starts selling them. these people scare the wits out of them. they could overshoot and rates climb dramatically. they scare me because they made a great deal of money over time by being right. they make me want to come out here and say get out right now. don't pass go. get out. like so many others have come out and said get out. let's be honest. have you ever heard one of these prophets of doom saying you would have missed one of the most amazing moves that the stock market has had? a move that has created all more tunes of people if they had followed the advice of the fear mongers? i don't got to worry about what happens other than i would be
11:57 pm
invested in mansions and gold jewelry. all assets have held up by value in history. the kind of inflation they fear is the logical outcome of the bond buy? do they ever admit once that ben bernanke would get us out of this without a disaster? he helped save the economy from the second depression. the presumption is that bernanke is some sort of fool. as people realized that the government has to crowd out the private sector borrowing that will bankrupt all of us. i come at this from a different angle. i feel it is my responsibility to help you make the money while you can. to bet that like five years ago i can get you out of stocks at the top.
11:58 pm
the stocks won't fall to 50% as they did a half decade ago. i don't want you to own bonds. i think shorting bonds is a good trade and perhaps a good investment. but i keep on thinking that you would have missed a good rally and that you could have gotten those gains simply if you chose to ignore these long-term worries for the moment. the really rich, they don't need to capture this move. it means nothing to the really rich. you only need to get rich once. i think it's my responsibility to try to get as much money as possible and not to scare you out of your wits so you can go into the bond market. i'm not looking for the individuals to say they are sorry. i wish they would have humility and empathy for those who didn't make any money because they
11:59 pm
listened to the rich people. that hasn't happened yet. an awful lot of money. stay with cramer. please.nse and regn what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right? maybe. you know why i pulled you over today? because i'm a pig driving a convertible? tail light's out.. fix it. digital insurance id cards. just a click away with the geico mobile app.


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